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2018 Second Session, August 2, Day 16:


Homily for the day: When life throws you a curve, relax and keep your eye on the ball.

Here’s yet ANOTHER great “pitch” from Volunteer Blogger Cathy:

“There are 6 cabins in each Mayhew session. So why were there 7 lines of boys and counselors lined up for dinner? The Week 7 Links, Matthew, Sam, Zander, Hunter and Ashton, were back on Island, following their basic “Mystery Box” trip.  They spent 5 days hiking mountains, sliding down natural water slides, canoeing in peaceful Grafton Pond, climbing, playing some sports and getting in some mountain biking, too.  On the 5.4 mile hike to and from Lonesome Lake, Ashton   met his goal of not sitting at all the whole day.  Awesome job, Ashton!  As a way of further explaining Link-Up, Ashton and his fellow Links (the 12-16-year-olds at Mayhew) can choose to attend one of eight themed weeks over the course of the Link-Up summer.  And when they return home at the end of the week, Mayhew returns with them in the form of regular visits with the program’s Outreach Staff throughout the school year. 

“Having just come back from a very active few days, the Links, joined everyone on Island in looking forward to dinner.  Dinners are well choreographed starting in the kitchen, where Art Makechnie (Head Chef), Junior (Assistant Cook), Jane Sparks (Assistant Cook) take the lead.  Tonight, the menu is meatloaf and potatoes, finishing off with blueberry cobbler. It’s another very hot day in the kitchen. Andre, Mason, Ashlar and Kyle are on duty and work in support of Art, Junior and Jane.  Mason says typically after their [first] Link-Up year, some boys will come back the following year or more to work in the kitchen. Their responsibilities, which are taken very seriously, include pitching in wherever they are needed, serving each cabin’s waiter throughout the meal, doing dishes and various other tasks. They keep a keen eye to determine what the hungry boys need, when coming back for seconds, thirds and sometimes well beyond!

“Al Cantor – the Executive Director for ten years, who hired current Executive Director Jim Nute when Jim was a rookie summer staff member in 1990 – was on this evening’s Island tour.  He brought a friend who had never had the pleasure of visiting Mayhew previously. Chris had dinner with the Dramatic Pause cabin group and he described his experience as “wonderful…learned so much.” He was very impressed with the boys’ confidence and engagement in conversing. He noted they are very articulate, asked a lot of questions and shared some personal stories.  I think Chris had ‘The Mayhew Experience,’ coming away feeling the positive vibes and energy that is Mayhew. I have a feeling Chris will be back!”

And the Blog will be back with more moments to share in the near future.


2018 Second Session, August 1, Day 15:


Homily for the day: A kite flies highest against the wind.

Flying high into teamwork, Riley (The Moustachios) took an amazing amount of initiative throughout the garbage row work hour.  He was most impressive when he took it upon himself to try encouraging one boy to rejoin the group when that boy had abruptly separated himself in frustration…In helping the Dramatic Pause resupply the Island cookout sites with wood, Gaige had a positive attitude throughout all the wood hauling and this, together with his excellent work ethic, earned him full pay…Over in the Michelin Stars, Jarod was feeling under the weather but he didn’t let this stop him from putting in some of the best wood splitting amongst his entire group…In the gravel moving work hour, Myles (Sunny Side Up) was very team-minded, making sure everyone’s spirits were high and happily sharing tools with his cabinmates…Great job, Luke and Emmanuel (both of Rainbros’)!  Together, you exceeded every expectation the staff had for you during the morning period of wood splitting! 

During swimming, Donnivan (Rainbros’) made it a point of stopping what he was doing long enough to cheer on his cabinmate Marcus, who was striving to pass his swim test…In Adventure, Jeremiah (The Moustachios) was recognized for how honest he was about some poor choices he had made and for taking the initiative to apologize to a cabinmate who he slighted…In Kickin’ Crayfish Soccer, Gaige (Michelin Stars) quickly emerged as a team leader and a nifty passer.  In addition, he stayed positive and upbeat, no matter how tense or tight the game was.

It was yet another day when a Program Extender volunteered to help the larger Newfound community and the Island community.  Marcus joined Program Extension Coordinator Grayson Richey in tackling the knotweed removal project in downtown Bristol and then made a comeback to the Island, starting with moving the day’s big food order from the mainland to the Island Kitchen.  Thank you, Marcus and Grayson!


2018 Second Session, July 31, Day 14:


Homily for the day: Carpe diem.

By the sounds of it, Cameron (Dramatic Pause) more than seized the day and his free time in the Dave Cameron Gym.  He bounds onto the North Porch of the Lodge and announces proudly to a staff member, “I just made the [cabin] finals of P.I.G. [an Island-wide basketball shooting tournament]!” 

Scoring some individual and teamwork points during work hour…Wood-splitting with The Moustachios found Kalob taking a selfless attitude throughout the period, as he happily worked with anyone who needed a partner, doing anything that was needed to help the group…In the rock moving work hour, Cameron (Dramatic Pause) was part of a hardworking duo that focused consistently on safety and getting lots done.

Keep on g”row”ing, Logan!  Rowing Counselor Noah Kartha enthusiastically relays how much progress Logan (Jazz Hands) has made since the start of the session.  In this particular period, Logan simply seemed to be putting in his all to propelling his boat.

In the Slapshot Hockey game with Dramatic Pause and Michelin Stars, Conner (Dramatic Pause) energetically played wherever he was needed and pursued the puck like a pro.  Over on The Moustachios side of the arena, Riley showed good maturity and decision making in calmly accepting a couple of calls that didn’t go his way.


2018 Second Session, July 30, Day 13:


Homily for the day: Decide to hit your stride.

To start the gravel moving work hour, Paul (The Moustachios) had a plan for how best to coordinate the various jobs and then he set about encouraging everyone to jump on board in a very productive way…This morning saw Liam (Dramatic Pause) put in his most complete, most impressive work hour of the session thus far.  Throughout the wood-splitting work hour, Liam was contagiously positive.  In looking over all he had done at one point, he quipped, “I’ve never split this much wood before.  I have an 8 pound hammer and a lot of muscle, so I’m really Ready Freddy!”

The Moustachios became the third group this session to successfully circumnavigate the entire Island in the row boat.  And Kalob, who has not often been completely comfortable out in the boat, did a great job as coxswain.  Nice job steering through your fear, Kalob!

Steering toward their big baseball game with Camp Pasquaney at week’s end, the Mayhew Baseball Team now has its full complement of players, who are chosen, by the way, because of their hard work in Athletics and their consistently solid sportsmanship.  The players are: Asher (Sunny Side Up), Luke (Rainbros’), Aiden (Dramatic Pause), Riley (The Moustachios), Jeremiah (The Moustachios), Tyrone (Dramatic Pause), Conner (Dramatic Pause), Jayson (Michelin Stars), Bohden (Sunny Side Up), Eric (Jazz Hands), Luke (Jazz Hands) and Emmanuel (Rainbros’).  Congratulations!  Here’s to some solid pre-game practices.
The Swim Cove honor society, the Raft Rats, has grown.  It now includes: Riley (The Moustachios), Conner (Dramatic Pause), Justin (Michelin Stars), Asher (Sunny Side Up), Bohden (Sunny Side Up) and Luke (Rainbros’).

And, read all about it!  The Society of Distinguished Readers (for those who have read at least 300 pages during the session) now has two members: Caiden (Sunny Side Up) and Bohden (Sunny Side Up). 


2018 Second Session, July 27, Day 10:


Homily for the day: Get off your “but”ts.

Thus far, every Kickin’ Crayfish Soccer game the Michelin Stars have played this session – a total of three – have ended in ties.  If consistency is your “goal,” you’re winning, Gentlemen!

Jayson (Michelin Stars) talking with a visiting staff member over lunch: “I got my advanced [ribbon] in filmmaking…I got to see the beginning of the [2018] highlight video.”  A bit later in the meal, Jayson continues on another highlight track: “Do you know I’m almost qualified for the Outer Circle [Island honor society]?”  Jayson talks for a bit about the various ribbons he still needs to earn to accomplish this goal and follows it up with what he’ll need to do afterward, “Then, I just need to be a good boy [Jayson’s words, not Mayhew’s].” At Mayhew, we consider everyone to be inherently good but we also recognize that there are also some behaviors that are problematic or unhelpful and that each and every boy is responsible for his behavior – good, bad or otherwise.  What Jayson is referring to is making the best choices he can, as often as he can and, if and when he makes a poor choice, owning up to it as quickly as possible and trying to make better choices going forward.
In the morning’s work hours, there were plenty of good choices being made by lots of the boys. 

During the garbage row, Aiden (Dramatic Pause) focused intently on each stroke during the row across the lake and on doing what was needed throughout the period…Back on Island with the Jazz Hands and their wood-splitting work hour, Jayden worked smoothly as part of a three-person splitting team, which tends to present more challenges than working in a two-man team.  And when it came time to transition into a new team, Jayden made it look easy.  In swimming with the Jazz Hands, Eric dove right into his Miler’s Club laps during free time.  What was more impressive, though, was what he did afterward.  Eric turned his attention right to his cabinmate Tavian, who was trying, yet again, to pass his swim test.  This time, he did it!  And Eric was maybe even more excited and proud of Tavian than Tavian was of himself! 

Thanks to Program Extender Tim, who joined Extension Coordinator Grayson Richey in a community give-back project in downtown Bristol.  Though he strained his hand slightly as he was removing some troublesome knotweed from a trailhead, Tim persevered and stayed positive.  And then he returned to the Island with Grayson and brought his positive attitude right along with him.  Thanks, Tim, for being a fine example for the younger boys!

The Michelin Stars’ theme cheer?  “Crafting the experience of a lifetime.” 

Here’s to lots more crafting of this sort – for everyone – as the session progresses!


2018 Second Session, July 26, Day 9:


Homily for the day: Good, better, best.  Never let it rest ‘til your good is better and your better is best.

At lunchtime announcements, we hear lots about boys striving for their best during the morning’s activities…Asher (Sunny Side Up) knew how to blend and bend his approach throughout the garbage-to-the-mainland-Dumpster work hour, transitioning from funny to serious to thoughtful, whatever his group seemed to need the most…Dynamic duo Ethan and Josiah (Rainbros’) made the tough and not-at-all-popular job of cleaning the Island toilet facilities feel almost fun with their solid work ethic and positive attitudes.

During The Moustachios’ wood-splitting work hour, things got a little tense between Kalob and a cabinmate.  To Kalob’s credit, though, he dealt well with his frustration, taking the very mature step of taking some time away from the group to cool down before returning in a better frame of mind.  Way to go, Kalob…And another “Way to go!” to Jarod (Michelin Stars), who jumped into his cabin group’s wood-splitting work hour with a great attitude from the start, setting a fine example for his cabinmates throughout the period.

In swimming, Asher and Bohden (both of Sunny Side Up) accumulated 13 and 18 laps respectively toward the Miler’s Club.  You’re that much closer to earning the privilege of swimming around the Island at session’s end, gentlemen…Out on top of the water, the Michelin Stars became the first cabin group of the session to row all the way around the Island.  Riley manned two oars for the trek, as the group was down an oarsman.  Even though it was clear that he was tired, Riley powered through the period impressively.

The cabin identities keep building…Here was the cheer the Rainbros’ arced out in the Dining Hall during announcements: “Breaking through the clouds to brighten you day.  Rainbros’!”

The Week 6 summer Links (the 12-16-year-olds in the program) wrap their rain-soaked and rain-influenced expedition week with dinner on the Island.  During their trip announcement, we hear that…Quentin favorite part of the week was going to the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center in Concord.  He wanted to see every corner of it.  Danny became known over the week for his puns and jokes.  Bryce worked hard on his canoeing and had made some noticeable improvements by the end of the week.  Beau made the best pancakes.  Mayson seemed to love whatever activity he was doing, bringing an upbeat vibe throughout the week.  Brytin and Felix paddled by themselves and handled some torrential downpours with humor.

At the forty-five-foot-high Lynch’s Pinch climb, Ryann (Sunny Side Up) begins a tentative ascent, asking his cabinmates for silence rather than cheering as he slowly spiders upward.  When he hits a tough stretch and stalls out a bit, Bohden quietly makes his way to the base of the tree and shoots him a thumbs up.  A couple minutes later, when Ryann is still stalled, Bohden asks, “Ryann, can I give you some advice?”  With this help and his own willingness to push through his fear, Ryann eventually makes it all the way to the top of the tree.  Nice climb, Ryann.  And, Bohden…That’s being a fine cabinmate, Sir!


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