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  • I've been connected to Mayhew since 1990, when Al Cantor hired me as the rowing counselor and Jim Nute was a fellow first-year staffer. It was an incredible opportunity to try new things, to challenge myself, to learn new skills -- just in time to encourage the boys to do the same. I returned the next two summers to coach softball, basketball and hockey, and there was nothing better than pitching a quintuple-header on Softball Saturday. (I still try to sneak in an inning of relief work when I can.) I settled in New Hampshire in 1994 and was honored to be asked to join the board in 2010. As much as ever, the dedication of the staff and the spirit of the boys are inspirational.

  • I am delighted to have been asked to serve as a trustee for Mayhew. As the founder and CEO of CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of New Hampshire for the past 25 years and working with thousands of the state’s abused and neglected children, I have come to know the amazing program that Mayhew is and the difference it has made and continues to make in young boys’ lives.

    I was born and raised in NY and moved to NH 34 years ago. I have 3 wonderful grown boys, who thankfully all live, work & play in NH! I have had the privilege of being a foster and adoptive parent which truly enriched my life. My work at CASA keeps me incredibly busy. I serve on many statewide committees and various initiatives working hard at improving the systems that impact the lives of children who come to the attention of the family court as a result of abuse or neglect.

    I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services and was recently awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Laws degree from St Anselm College. My favorite work escapes include running, spinning, gardening, spending time with family and close friends, as well as relaxing on the shores of the 1st Connecticut Lake in Pittsburg NH.

  • "I was born in New Hampshire and have spent every summer of my life on Newfound Lake where I now have lived full time for more than 15 years. Mayhew is my first and last view of the day, framed in my bedroom window. I have walked its wooded acres every winter, and it has been the halfway point for my annual swim across the lake and back. A few years ago I was asked to join its Investment Committee and I wondered, what took them so long to ask! Now as a new trustee I can continue my long relationship with the island by nurturing the program that gives it purpose. Newfound Lake is so fortunate to have a program like Mayhew grace it's largest island, preserving for all time the NH lake and camp experience as the world spins crazily into the future. What a privilege to serve and be a small contributor to that story."

    Jim is an investment guy who advises families on family wealth education, governance, inter-generational gifting strategies, and philanthropy. He works actively for wildlife conservation at private conservancies in Kenya and is an avid photographer and equestrian.

  • A graduate of Yale (BA 1955) and Duke Law School (LLB 1958), I am a retiree from Public Service Company of New Hampshire as Senior Vice President and General Counsel. My Mayhew commitment began in earnest in 1980 at the urging of my brother-in-law, Jack Richards, following in the footsteps of my eldest son, David, first a Mayhew summer counselor, one of the first Community Workers and long time staff member from 1979 through 1996. I first served on the Board from 1980 to 1989 and as President of the Board the last two years. Finally permanently returning to New Hampshire three years ago, I was extremely pleased to accept an invitation to join the Board again. It was coming home!

    What is Mayhew and why is it important to serve as a Trustee? Mayhew is tradition; Mayhew is hope to those who it has served in the past and will serve in the future; Mayhew challenges and then recognizes those at-risk boys who have taken the challenge and succeeded. As a Trustee, I have been privileged, in whatever way I am able, to help Mayhew complete its mission of service to the boys currently, and in the future.


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  • Mayhew has been central to my life since I arrived to work as a summer staff member in 1976. Several years later, after graduating college and while wondering what I wanted to do in the world, I returned to Mayhew to work as a year-round community outreach worker. In 1985, at what I now realize was a very young age, I became Executive Director of Mayhew – a position I kept for ten years.

    I later returned to Mayhew to be on the Board of Trustees, including two years as Board president, where my proudest moment was presiding over the construction and dedication of Jack’s Shack, the new staff quarters, named after one of my great mentors and friends, Jack Richards.

    My professional career after leaving Mayhew included six years at the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, ten years at the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund, and, since January 2012, running my own business, Alan Cantor Consulting LLC. My wife Pat and I live in Concord, and our two remarkable children, Becky and Max, both former summertime residents of Mayhew Island, now live in Cambridge, Mass., and New York City, respectively.

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  • Mayhew reached out and challenged me just as it challenges deserving boys to do their best. First it was the repeated invitation to visit the island from a dedicated trustee, Dick Cowern. When my husband George and I finally visited in 1990 we became committed supporters of an amazing program. With enthusiasm we chose a challenge to raise funds for Mayhew by riding our bikes 1600 miles from Maine to Florida.

    As at Mayhew there was challenge (aching knees) and community. I have learned from and admired everything about Mayhew, boys with courage, superior staff and trustees, community support. I am a grandmother of three, mother of four, have been a teacher, school counselor, attorney, and proud Mayhew Trustee 1991-2012.

  • I was born, raised and educated in Plattsburgh, NY, served 4 years in the U.S. Navy and was a professional musician for 10 years. I have enjoyed a 36 year career in the financial services industry and plan to continue working as long as I am able. I am blessed with a beautiful wife of 35 years, 4 wonderful children and 3 grandchildren.

    I had the good fortune of being asked to serve as a Mayhew Trustee approx. 30 years ago and being associated with this very special organization all of these years has been both an honor and a privilege. Having had the opportunity to serve as Board president for 2 years was the highlight of my service as an active Trustee.

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  • I am a graduate of Waltham (Massachusetts) High School; an Eagle Scout and letterman in football, hockey and baseball. I was in the U.S. Navy (WWII) and am a graduate of Boston University (BA, 1952), where I was Class President and a letterman in hockey and baseball.

    I have been married to Jo-Anne since 1950. We have 4 children, 11 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. I was the founder of Master Card in New England and a number of other businesses.

    I now live in Georgia, but my fondest memories are of living on Newfound Lake and serving Mayhew as a trustee. My sincere wish is that the Bob Rier Fund will continue to provide Mayhew boys with an opportunity to be involved in their favorite sports during the school year.


  • I have a degree in Public Management from Plymouth State University. I currently work as a Member Services Consultant and Facilities Coordinator at Primex3 in Concord. Primex3 is a public risk pool in NH that provides Workers Compensation, Property and Liability and Unemployment coverage’s and risk management services to towns, cities, counties and schools throughout NH. This will be my 10th year as a Selectman in the Town of Bristol. Being a selectman is something I truly enjoy and am very passionate about. We strive to make Bristol a great place to Live, Work and Play. My Family and I very enjoy the outdoors and look forward to spending as much time as possible every summer on the beautiful Newfound Lake. I have been fortunate to have spent every summer for the last 25 years on the lake and now get to share that experience with my family.

    I am truly honored to be apart of the Mayhew Board. Mayhew is an incredible organization that brings great opportunities to it's boys. Spending every summer directly across from the island and working many summers at Shackett’s I had the ability to see first hand what this fine organization does for boys that need them. Now to be apart of helping Mayhew be successful and sustainable is a privilege.

  • I have had the privilege of being involved with Mayhew since moving to the NH Seacoast in 2002. I currently spend my time between Florida and New Hampshire and delight in my 3 grand daughters and my 2 West Highland White Terriers. In a former life I was a social worker but currently enjoy being involved in a number of nonprofits. As a hot air balloon pilot, one of my greatest adventures was being caught in a surprise storm while flying in France and landing in a small village. It was as if I had landed in Oz and all the French munchkins were coming out to greet us!

  • I have been connected to the Mayhew Program since joining the summer staff as a Dartmouth student in 1985 and 1986. While helping out as a cabin counselor, I met a certain young lady at the local grocery store and the rest is history. Jennifer "Shackett" Berry and I were married the following summer and have raised our family in nearby New Hampton, NH. Upon fellow trustee Bud Moore's encouragement, I joined the board in 1998, was honored to serve as president for three years and today serve on the development, investment, and governance committees.

    I am currently a senior financial advisor and CFP with UBS Financial Services in Concord, New Hampshire servicing clients around the country.

  • I was born and raised in North Hampton, New Hampshire. As a child I grew up to love not only the ocean and beaches in New Hampshire but its mountains and lakes throughout the four seasons. My family would go every summer to Montana where we would spend time horse packing in the Rocky Mountains and in the National Parks looking at wildlife, geysers and mud baths. This instilled a great love of the outdoors and the creatures that live there. I went to Brooks School in North Andover, MA and then onto Trinity College in Hartford, CT where I was an art history major. I lived in New York City working at Christie's auction house and then onto the Wildlife Conservation Society at the Bronx Zoo where I worked in the Development office. Life took me to Alexandria, VA where I worked in Development for the Smithsonian National Zoo and Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute. I have recently moved back to the New Hampshire's seacoast where through my work with the Fuller Foundation got to meet some pretty great campers at Mayhew! On my first visit in 2011 I knew it was a special place and I jumped at the chance to visit again this past summer. I embrace this opportunity to be working with everyone at Mayhew!

  • I was introduced to Mayhew by Bob Rier, who was on my advisory board at work and a longtime trustee of Mayhew. He showed me that Mayhew is a wonderful opportunity to give back to others, and I really believe in the program, the people, and the boys. The work we do is an incredibly tangible way to improve the lives of others.

    I have a son, also named Jay, who's 28 and a daughter, Dana, who's 26. Jay is a genius at the Apple store in Salem, and Dana is a safety engineer for Toyota in Michigan. She crashes cars for a living! My longtime companion Kathy and I do a lot of hiking and cross country skiing. I work pretty hard to stay in shape. I also enjoy classical music, and am on the board of the New Hampshire Music Festival.

    I live in New Hampton NH and own MegaPrint Inc. in Holderness. We do large format printing for companies all over the country. I started the company in my basement in 1994.

  • I was raised in Nahant, Massachusetts, and after graduating from Williams College and Yale Law School, I moved to New London, New Hampshire, where I had previously spent some time during many summers. My professional career includes two judicial clerkships, practicing law for several years, serving as an Assistant Attorney General for the State of New Hampshire, and serving on the New Hampshire Superior Court and the United States District Court for the District of New Hampshire.

    When I first visited Mayhew Island many years ago, saw the program in session, and learned about its mission, I was impressed by the very positive impact it can have on the lives of the at-risk boys it serves. I wanted to devote time and effort to Mayhew’s mission of affording the boys an opportunity for guidance in developing their potential and in recognizing for themselves their best qualities so they can become young men who will lead productive lives and be contributing members of their communities.

    During my three years of serving on the Board, it has been a privilege to join in the efforts of a talented and hardworking staff, a dedicated group of colleagues on the Board, and many generous supporters, in furthering Mayhew’s mission. Each time I visit the island during the summer program, or hear or read the life stories of Mayhew alumni, my enthusiasm for the program is reinforced.

  • I grew up in Bristol, NH and struggled through a challenging childhood. In 1984, my brother accidentally shot me in my left eye with a sling-shot pellet. I suffered full left-eye vision loss. Life wasn’t so great and it seemed to be getting worse.

    That all changed in 1985, when, at the age of 11, I attended my first summer on Mayhew Island. The program had an immediate impact on my sense of self-esteem and self-worth. I returned to Mayhew Island the following year and experienced the most profound and life-changing summer of my life. To this day, I can recall the feelings of pride and accomplishment from that summer and can see clearly how those experiences helped shape my future choices. Mayhew has had, and continues to have, the most amazing and positive effects on my life. I returned to the program for many summers and have benefited from several life-long friendships that came about from my Mayhew experience.

    Today, I’m married to a smart and beautiful young lady and am the extremely proud father of two amazing kids. I have a great career in Information Technology at Concord Hospital and feel blessed to still be a part of the Mayhew program. I was recently asked to join the Mayhew Board of Trustees and was honored to accept the invitation. My goal is to support Mayhew to the best of my ability in hopes that the same incredibly positive, life-altering, experiences can be shared with other boys from New Hampshire, like they were shared with me.

  • My father first introduced me to Mayhew several years ago. It was his favorite charity He had a sweet spot in his heart for Mayhew which continued until his passing. Actually, after his passing too; he left a legacy gift to the program.

    I grew up in Portsmouth New Hampshire and attended college and post graduate school in New York. I knew I had a passion for children from an early age but somehow avoided most babysitting request by keeping myself busy with volunteer work surrounded by little ones.

    Marrying a man with two young sons quickly "baptized" me into the world of boys. They were energetic to say the least. Then came our two boys creating a very busy, loud, hungry, messy but oh so lovable family. Friends would marvel at the quantity of food in our refrigerator , the amount of laundry (not always in the laundry room) and the volume of sporting equipment strewn throughout the house, yard and trunks. We thrived on their energy. Although I have brothers, being responsible for boys is extremely different than being a sibling of boys.

    Our boys are all grown up now, thriving and happy. Tom and I have 5 grandchildren whom we treasure. I keep myself busy with being a Nana whenever the call to duty arises. Never refuse an opportunity to assist a young family in their day to day lives, especially if it requires being with grandchildren. It's food for the soul. Wouldn't it be great if doctors could prescribe time with little ones as a source for healing.

    I enjoy gardening, ocean sports and value time spent with dear friends and family. Currently, I sit on two non-profit boards, one state wide and one local to the Seacoast. I am happy to be adding Mayhew to the mix.

  • Carol and I have been coming to Newfound Lake since 1984. In 2001 we retired and moved permanently to Hebron, NH from our previous residence in Belmont, MA, a suburb of Boston. Presently we live in Bridgewater. Shortly after our retirement we met George and Audrey Hagerman and our association with Mayhew began. We have visited Mayhew Island with them and other guests on a yearly basis---a treat not to be missed. We have three sons and are very fortunate indeed that all three have successful careers. Because of their success we both felt that supporting Mayhew was our opportunity to give back to boys not as fortunate as ours. Our three sons and I have played the Mayhew Golf Tournament yearly since 2002 and we have had a blast every year. As Audrey was retiring from the Board of Trustees in 2012 she suggested my name as a trustee candidate to Mayhew. I was privileged to be asked in the summer of 2012.

  • My current role is President of Cambridge Trust Company of New Hampshire. With over 30 years of trust and investment experience, my work with individuals, corporations, charitable organizations, and municipalities is extremely varied and rewarding. I earned a BA in Business from Furman University and hold an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University.

    Having served as an officer or board member for numerous non-profit organizations including Symphony NH, the American Lung Association NH Leadership Board, the New Hampshire and Connecticut Valley Estate Planning Councils, and the Manchester Region Advisory Board of NH Charitable Foundation, it was my work with a coalition for at-risk youth which educated me on the protective factors which can impact the life of a child. In particular, external support systems like Mayhew which can change a boy’s life from “at-risk” to “at-promise” play a crucial role when family protective factors are not present. I am especially honored to serve as a Trustee for Mayhew and thank an unnamed Trustee for introducing me to this life changing organization for so many New Hampshire boys.

  • I was born and raised in Concord, New Hampshire. I attended Phillips Exeter Academy, and then went to Stanford University and Boston University Law School, where I met my wife, Jane Ann-the best thing that ever happened to me. After law school, Jane Ann and I moved to New London, New Hampshire. There I opened a law practice, where I have practiced for forty years.

    I was a part-time district court judge for thirty years, and one of my jurisdictions was juvenile matters. It was there that I became convinced that early intervention for at-risk children was critical. Teachers would recognize children with potential issues early on, but there was not much they could do to help. Then I became aware of Mayhew where my nephew, John Lynch, became a counselor and eventually the program director. My son, Bick, was also a counselor for a summer.

    I cannot say enough about the good that Mayhew is doing for the boys lucky enough to attend. It provides the intervention and continuing involvement that was so often missing with children I saw in juvenile court. I have no doubt that it is a life changer for most of the boys who attend.

  • Rob Moore was raised on the campus of the New Hampton School, in New Hampton, NH, and spent many summer days on Newfound Lake where his family has a place on Pasquaney Bay. Growing up in the area, he always knew Mayhew Island was home to a boys’ camp and that there was something special about it. At the encouragement of his father, former trustee Bud Moore, Rob made an island visit fifteen years ago and realized what that something is –the powerful impact the Mayhew Program has on its boys. Following in his father’s footsteps, Rob has served on the Board of Trustees since 2007, contributing to Mayhew’s fundraising efforts to provide for the boys, the counselors, the physical plant, and the expansion of the program in hopes that it can reach out to more New Hampshire boys.

    Rob has spent his career in education at Lawrence Academy in Groton, MA, where he is the assistant head of school. In addition to his service to the Mayhew Program, Rob is president of the Newfound Lake Region Association, is on the Board of Trustees of the New Hampton School, is chair of the Groton Scholarship Committee, and is an alumni interviewer for Bowdoin College. He and his wife Laura have a home on Newfound Lake’s west shore from which they can hear the Mayhew boys and counselors singing each summer morning.

  • Patrick Moriarty is a health care management consultant. He served as Senior Vice President for a large, International health care company and CEO and President of a medical device research and development company in Northern Utah. He is currently Chair of the Select Board for Hebron, NH, a member of the Conservation Commission, and serves on two sub-committees for the local school board.

    Patrick is a Vietnam-era veteran of the U.S. Army. He graduated from Northeastern University and earned his Master’s degree in Finance from Babson College.

    Patrick lives in Hebron, NH with his wife, Joanne. He enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren.

  • I am a native of New Jersey and graduated from the United States Military Academy with a B.S. degree in 1974. I served for five years as an infantry officer in the 82d Airborne Division. Upon leaving active duty, I joined the Massachusetts Army National Guard, serving for an additional six years, and enrolled at Boston College Law School, from which I received a J.D. degree in 1983. My wife, Alice, and I moved to New Hampshire when I accepted a position as a prosecutor in the Criminal Justice Bureau of the NH Attorney General’s Office; four years later, we moved to Littleton when I was appointed as Clerk of the Grafton County Superior Court, where I served for 23 years. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to retire a bit early and to devote my time to a wide range of volunteer activities, enabling me to give back to the community (in addition to trying to keep up with our six grandchildren).

    I was introduced to The Mayhew Program by former trustee/Mayhew treasurer Schuyler Sweet. Mayhew resonates with me because it provides a caring and supportive environment, and excellent role models, for boys who may be growing up lacking many of the remarkable opportunities that I enjoyed as a youth, and enables them to recognize their full potential and to lead happy, productive and successful lives wherever their paths may lead.

  • As an overnight camp director (and elementary school teacher) in 1998, I wrote a end-of-year reflective lead article for our camp yearbook, the title was, "What if school was reversed engineered to be more like camp?" The premise was, if schools adopted some of those deep seated camp elements (and strategies) around: problem solving, acceptance, trust, experiential learning, mentoring, and lifelong relationships, then school success and related learning would expand tremendously. Fifteen years later, I still find myself grossly influenced by my summer camp experience and utilize a 'camp approach' on a daily basis in my dual role as the Director of the Concord Regional Technical Center and assistant principal at Concord High School.

    Great organizations clearly define success and deconstruct that meaning with every stakeholder to ensure there is a common 'big' understanding. Overall success in the youth business is not measured today (very important indicators appear in the present); instead the real measurement window begins ten or so years down the road after high school when the youths we served have settled into a hopefully productive and meaningful adult life. The question we need to ask is what can be done today to make that target more of a reality? If there is something we can do, and there is good supportive evidence and planning to back it up, then we should pursue it. Being nimble is key.

    I've recently joined on as a trustee and look forward to serving the Mayhew community, as well as helping to build new mutual relationships for the organization. As a trustee our job is to celebrate success - while at the same time staying intensely focused on the horizon in order to carefully guide the organization - so when we reach that future moment, Mayhew is absolutely ready.

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  • Nicholas C. (Nick) Silitch is Senior Vice President and Chief Risk Officer of Prudential Financial, Inc. While Nick, age 52, lives in New York City with his wife Regina and three children, he considers himself to be from New Hampshire where he was raised at the foothill of Mt. Monadnock in Dublin. He graduated from the Dublin School and went on to receive a BS in Economics from Colby College in 1983.

    The first part of his career journey started at the Bank of New York Mellon where he held a variety of senior positions during his 27 year tenure in Client Management, Investor Relations, Risk Management, Loan Restructuring, Credit Portfolio Management and Basel Compliance.

    Nick left BNY Mellon in 2010 to be Chief Credit Officer and head of Investment Risk Management overseeing Prudential’s General Account and other proprietary global investment risks. He was promoted to Chief Risk Officer in 2011, and in this role Nick oversees Prudential’s risk appetite across all business lines and geographies and chairs Prudential’s Enterprise Risk Committee.

    Nick and his family can be found in Dublin whenever there is a free moment away from work and he is honored to be part of the Mayhew Program where he has been a board member since 2004.

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  • Biography coming soon!

  • After my 3 decades of a successful publishing and marketing creative career, and with our two children grown and on their own, my wife Mary Jo and I, both Pennsylvania natives, found ourselves fulfilling a 20+ year dream as innkeepers that subsequently landed us in Campton New Hampshire in 2006, reopening the Colonel Spencer Inn. Always looking for additional ways to use my diverse background in addition to the Inn, I enthusiastically have been the Executive Director for the Plymouth Regional Chamber since 2010.

    I remember my initial introduction to Mayhew back in 2011. As the Chamber’s Director, and Mayhew being one of our members, I received an invitation to visit the island. The summer day that started out doing my professional duty, quickly became more personal in meaning. Since then I have had many island visits and opportunities to meet and work with the staff. From that, I now have a hard-to-define personal draw to the work that Mayhew does. Simply, it is extraordinary people making a real difference. But we all know it is not that simple. As a new trustee to this institution, my hope is to contribute in keeping these storied traditions and positive work moving forward.

    When I am not out-and-about in the community, or restoring our 250 year old historic house, you can usually find me out tending our garden.

  • I first became involved with Mayhew almost 30 years ago as a donor through my employer’s United Way campaign. The message and mission of Mayhew resonated with me then and still does to this day. I believe we have a duty in life to improve the lives of those around us. My support of Mayhew is one of the ways I do that. Incredibly, my first visit to the island was just a couple of years ago and listening to the boys and observing the impact their Mayhew experience was having further confirmed that I have supported a deserving organization.

    My passions include hiking and skiing in NH’s White Mountains. I have spent over 50 summers on Lake Winnipesaukee and understand the impact that time outdoors and on a lake can have on one’s life – another reason I connect with Mayhew. I am a proud UNH alumnus and can also be found cheering on the Wildcat hockey, football or basketball teams.

    I am Chief Bank Operations Officer for Bank of New Hampshire and have been with the bank for eleven years. I am responsible for strategic direction and oversight for the loan and deposit operations functions as well as retail loan collections.