Rier Athletics Fund Application

Did you know that Mayhew has a special fund to help Mayhew boys participate in sports programs away from the Island?

If you're currently involved with Mayhew and you've been precluded from participating in a sporting program because of limited financial resources, Mayhew might be able to help. Give us a call at the office to find out more (744-6131).

Then, when you're ready to apply, simply complete the form below and Jim will be in touch soon to discuss your application.

Full Name:

Current Phone Number:

What activity would you like to participate in?

Tell us briefly why you would like to participate in this activity?

When does this activity start?

How much money will you need to make this possible? (Mayhew hopes that the family will try to pay at least some of the cost -- as much as you are able; let us know the amount that would be left after your payment)

If Mayhew approves your application, we will write and mail a check directly to the person/institution offering the activity. So that we may do this, please include the following information:


Mailing Address:




You may write any additional comments or clarifications below.