Supporting Mayhew

There are many ways to support Mayhew and to provide a boy with a “good start on the future.” When you make a gift to Mayhew, you have the flexibility to determine how your contribution will be used and the best method for making your gift.

Annual Fund Gifts

Annual Fund gifts have an immediate impact on Mayhew. All gifts, whether large or small, help us support the nearly 200 boys we service throughout New Hampshire each year.

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As a tuition-free program, Mayhew relies on the generosity of many to provide the boys with this transformative program.

Contributions support 71% of Mayhew's residential summer and school year mentoring programs.

The remaining 29% is funded through a combination of endowment income, special events, a USDA food service grant, and support from the Granite and Monadnock United Ways.

Your gift at work:

$7,100 covers the full tuition for a boy (10 - 12) to attend the 25-day residential camp on Mayhew Island and to participate in community outreach visits with a full-time staff member throughout the school year.

$3,300 pays for a boy (12 - 18) to take part in a 4-1/2 day adventure trip during the summer and to participate in community outreach visits with a full-time staff member throughout the school year.

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Planned Gifts

Planned gifts provide an opportunity for you to support our mission, receive tax advantages and strengthen Mayhew’s future.

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Mayhew offers a variety of planned giving options to individuals who would like to support our mission.


Including a charitable bequest in your estate plans is a simple way to make a lasting gift to Mayhew.

The most common and useful bequest is an unrestricted bequest for the general charitable purposes of the Mayhew Program. This allows Mayhew to use your gift wherever it is most needed. However, if there is a particular purpose you wish to support, we would be happy to help ensure that your gift is directed effectively.

Bequests may take one of the following forms:

  • a specified dollar amount or percentage of your estate;
  • a specified asset, such as securities or real estate;
  • a residuary bequest, in which Mayhew receives all or a percentage of the remainder of your estate after all other obligations have been satisfied; or
  • a contingent bequest, in which Mayhew becomes the beneficiary only if the named beneficiary is unable to accept the bequest.

Our suggested language for making a bequest is as follows:

"I hereby bequeath ________________________ (specify a dollar amount or percentage of your estate, a specific asset or a residual percentage of your estate) to Mayhew, Inc., a voluntary New Hampshire corporation with a principal place of business at 293 West Shore Road, P.O. Box 120, Bristol, New Hampshire 03222."

Life Insurance

An insurance policy can be used to make a significant gift to Mayhew and provide a variety of tax benefits. Transferring ownership of a policy provides you with an immediate tax deduction, while naming Mayhew as a partial or sole beneficiary may result in an estate tax deduction.

To add Mayhew as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy, request a beneficiary change form from your Life Insurance Company or insurance broker. Please contact Lisa M. Clark, Development Director, at 603-744-6131 or if you are interested in naming Mayhew as the owner of your insurance policy.

Retirement Plan Assets

Retirement accounts [including 401(k)s, 403(b)s, IRAs and Keoghs] if left to heirs may be subject to income and estate taxes. Naming Mayhew as a beneficiary of your plan limits this potential double taxation.

To name Mayhew as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, simply request a beneficiary change form from your plan’s administrator and indicate a percentage to be distributed to Mayhew upon your death.

Charitable Gift Annuity

A charitable gift annuity offers a tax-advantaged way to provide you with annual income and make a future gift to Mayhew.

Benefits include:

  • Guaranteed lifetime income
  • Charitable income tax deduction
  • Avoidance of capital gains tax
  • Savings on gift and estate taxes
  • Future support for Mayhew

A charitable gift annuity can be established with a gift of cash or publicly-traded securities. Our administrative partner accepts minimum gifts of $50,000 to establish a gift annuity.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

A Charitable Remainder Trust can be established with a gift of cash, securities, real estate, or other marketable assets. Managed by a trustee of your choice, the charitable remainder trust enables you to make a future contribution to Mayhew while you and/or your spouse receive lifetime annual payments.

The charitable remainder trust can be established to provide annual payments based on either the investment performance of the trust or a fixed amount determined when the trust is established. The type of trust you chose depends on your personal and financial goals.

When the trust terminates, the remainder value comes to Mayhew to be used for general charitable purposes or we can create an endowment fund for a specific purpose designated by you.

A minimum gift of $100,000 is advised to establish a charitable remainder trust.

Charitable Lead Trusts

The Charitable Lead Trust allows you to transfer assets to your heirs at a substantially reduced gift and estate tax cost while providing an income stream to Mayhew for a term of years.

As a lead trust donor, you irrevocably transfer assets — usually cash or securities — to a trustee of your choice. During the term of the trust, a fixed or variable income is paid to Mayhew for general charitable purposes or for a purpose you designate. At the end of the trust’s term, the assets are distributed to your heirs. Any appreciation of the trust assets over the trust term is not subject to gift or estate tax.

Typically, a lead trust is most effective when funded with a minimum gift of $500,000.

If you or your professional advisor have any questions about your charitable gift planning, please contact Lisa M. Clark, Development Director, at 603-744-6131 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


Endowment Gifts

Endowment gifts offer security over the long-term by expanding Mayhew’s permanent financial base and creating a predictable source of future income.

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Endowment Giving - Providing Long-Term Stability

On December 31, 2012, Mayhew’s endowment was approximately $3 million. The endowment provides Mayhew with an income stream to help support six full years of programming for at-risk New Hampshire boys.

Growing the endowment is a strategic priority of Mayhew’s leadership because a stronger financial position will provide greater long-term stability. Annual income withdrawn from the endowment is determined by an endowment spending formula approved by Mayhew’s Board of Trustees and Investment Committee.

Endowment gifts of all levels are welcome and sincerely appreciated. Although unrestricted gifts may be more powerful in the long-term, we are pleased to discuss your wishes on how to direct your donation. Endowment gifts have been established to support:

  • Annual tuition costs for boys to attend Mayhew
  • Athletic interests of the boys and Links
  • Books
  • Capital improvements
  • Link-Up program
  • Matching gifts for alums who return to work for Mayhew and wish to pursue
  • postsecondary educational opportunities
  • Outdoor education
  • Staff training and professional development
  • Summer cultural events and entertainment
    • If you have any questions or would like additional information about establishing a Mayhew endowment, please contact Lisa M. Clark, Development Director, at 603-744-6131 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).